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Welcome to the Boblivia wiki.

This wiki I like to refer to as a pre-concept-game-guide, the game itself might never be made. (I hope it does) But this wiki forms the layout for game story, background, mechanics, and items, so that one day, I can simply start coding.

This wiki is not like any other wiki, because this wiki is not about something that already exists, but about a vision, my vision, and other people have no idea of what the entire picture looks like in my head.

People can give me suggestions, of course, cause I'll be needing well over a hundred planet/city names, and then in each city there will be thousands of shops that need naming. And then all the variations of weapons, the base technology will be done by me, but you can't create a list of over a thousand weapons on your own.

I might be called a control freak, and I won't deny it, but fact is that I just want stuff to be perfect.

Summary of Boblivian history

Between 2010 and 2030 Earth underwent a polarity shift, lots of stuff was lost, people built a new city called Phoenix 1. In 2145 age reversion was achieved, and within 10 years Faster-Than-Light (FTL) came to being. Around 400 years later we passed the FTDL line, and in the year 3000 the sun began to die. People of earth build a giant spaceship called Phoenix 2 and leave the solar system. In 4217 Phoenix 2 arrives at the somewhat habitable planet of Phoenix 3, which Captain Arlon terraforms. In 4242 people no longer seize to exist, people can simply respawn.

Economic System

The Boblivian economic system is based on magic god powers and player based income, read more about it on it's page; Economic System.

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